NASA SpaceApp Challenge | Mobile Design 

A mobile app that tells you about celestial events of interest happening nearby and where to best observe them.



To encourage the general public to observe the sky and learn about the celestial events, and resolve the common pain-points listed below:

•    People are not aware of the celestial events and doesn’t know when they are occurring
•    The quality of the viewing experience often decreases due to light-pollution and city landscape
•    The weather condition will affect the visibility of the sky, results in additional barrier for the viewer


•    No app that only provides Celestial event and a good location to look at them
•    To find a good spot people need to search on blog posts, news articles, meetup pages
•    People don’t know if the weather will be clear or not at a particular location


A tool to inform the users what’s happening in the sky based on their geographic location, and suggest the users an ideal location to view the sky to optimize the stargazing experience. 

Our App would allow users to

1.  View the celestial events occurring during a particular week
2.  Navigate to suitable locations for best viewing experience of the phenomenon
3.  Be notified about the current weather condition for trip-planning



Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.51.24 AM


Our App idea got selected as People’s Choice Award Nominee out 120 other Virtual projects!

•    People’s Choice Award for Planet Earth – Virtual Division
•    Nominee for finalists at Global Division at Space Apps Hackathon
•    National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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